Back Porch Ideas

If you have dreams of watching the sunset from a rocking chair or grilling out on your back porch, there are many different design ideas to consider before embarking on a back porch building project. When it comes to back porch design, there are several different styles and types to choose from. Below is a list of several types of porches and designs to help spur your creativity and narrow down the best options for your home.

Covered Porch:
Typical of the style you see on farmhouses, covered porches offer great protection from the heat and is usually large enough to accommodate a wide variety of furniture and other outdoor accessories.

covered back porch

Enclosed Porch:
Enclosed porches often combine the best of indoor and outdoor living into one. The comfort and ease of indoor living is matched to the natural and refreshing aspect of an outdoor space in a unique package that is sure to prove enjoyable year round. Types of enclosed porches include screen porches and sunrooms. Also known as glass porches, sunrooms are typically enclosed in glass and offer protection from the elements while still providing a great deal of natural light and a feeling of being outdoors. These are not as popular in the south due to how warm the room can become from all of the incoming sunlight.

enclosed back porch

Wraparound Porch:
The ultimate in outdoor deck living, wraparound porches provide deck access from nearly every room in the house and can be used for nearly any purpose imaginable from napping to grilling.

wraparound porch style

A breezeway usually connects a detached garage to the home and can be a great place to set outdoor furniture and relax.

Whether in the front of the house or in the middle, a courtyard is a versatile outdoor space that allows for the placement of just about anything you could imagine. From a fountain to an outdoor dining table, the options are nearly endless.

If any of these styles inspire you to get started on a deck design, the best thing to do is to begin researching back porch images. Our porch photo gallery will help inspire you as you look to upgrade your back porch space. Once you have made your decision to renovate your space, contact us today and let’s get started working together in giving you a back porch you and your family always wanted.

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