EXOVATIONS named 2013 Market Leader by Professional Remodeler Magazine


EXOVATIONS named 2013 Market Leader EXOVATIONS was recently contacted by Professional Remodeler Magazine for a front cover photo opportunity after being named 2013 Market Leader by the publication. Kyle Clapham wrote this about EXOVATIONS in the magazine publication, ” Exovations … Continue reading


They don’t call it “Hot Lanta” for nothing… Atlanta, Georgia in early March and temperatures are already flirting with 80 degrees! The trending topic this week for the Atlanta Market on Twitter has included #patios #decks #greenbeer…somehow I believe most of Atlanta found patios and decks all around the city to engage in with cold beverages this week. Aside from the social aspect of the warming temperatures, what other behavior does this weather seem to cause? Most people will tell you that they start thinking or doing house and yard work; inside and out.

I have been with EXOVATIONS® for ten years and I can testify that each Spring we have a rush of calls and inquires about all sorts of Spring projects but our number one project is and always has been decks. These calls range from yearly maintenance calls of pressure washing, painting, and staining to starting over from the ground up. In fact, we spend our Winter like caged animals just waiting on these calls so we can get out and enjoy this sunshine with the rest of you.

Each year new technologies allow for the latest and greatest of anything we can possibly think of. This is also relevant in the decking world. TREX Decking spent nearly four years testing their latest TREX Transcend decking products. They listened to their past customers, current consumers, and potential customers on what it was that mattered most in their deck. Longevity, durability, low to no maintenance, curb appeal, warranty, risk of fading, risk of staining, and overall value were highly taken into consideration. The latest technologies have allowed TREX to present a product with an impeccable warranty to guarantee against fading and staining… so no worries for spilled ketchup, wine, or barbeque sauce during those Summer parties…simply wash the stain off with soap water and it is gone. Never worry about rotting again. Transcend decking is a composite material with an outer shell covering three sides of the board, which is 2 to 3 times thicker than any competitive offerings. The underside of the board breathes to avoid the surface separation some competitors suffer.

Composite decks bring together the best qualities of wood and plastic to create a longer lasting alternative to wood. Plastic shields the wood from moisture and insect damage, preventing rotting and splintering. Wood protects the plastic from UV damage while providing a natural, attractive look and feel. However, not all composite decks are the same. The industry is riddled with inferior product that does not deliver the manufacturers’ durability claims. There is only one brand of engineered decking that EXOVATIONS® has found to have proven product quality and durability backed by a 25-year limited stain and fade warranty. TREX Transcend decking comes in seven beautiful colors and the lighting options are endless.

Don’t wait any longer to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather and the beauty of your home! Let us help you make the most of your outdoor living area this Summer.