Front Porch Styles & Options

front porch photos and portico before and after photosNothing makes more of a statement about your home’s appearance than the front entry.

Let EXOVATIONS® show you how adding a covered front porch can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home, while also adding protection from rain for your guests. Design options are limitless, but the most popular porch styles are the following:

Porch Roof Types

Gable Roof is the most common American roof style. It is used on a variety of house types, such as Cape Cod and colonial-style homes. A gable roof is a simple style, consisting of a triangular-shaped roof in which the triangle is wider than it is tall. Typically, a gable roof overhangs the sides of the porch, allowing it to let water run off the roof. This porch roof easily fits a deep porch if desired, and can easily cover a larger area without compromising the roof's strength. Support posts reinforce the two roof ends not attached to the house, and they can be made to match the home's style. If you consider adding a gable roof to your porch, make sure it will not block any windows you would like to keep.

Hip Roof is a more complicated roof style where all the roof sides slope downwards to the walls. There are no gables and the slope is generally relatively gentle. A square hip roof is shaped like a pyramid and is common on bungalow, cottage, and ranch-style homes. A hip roof generally has four sides that gently slope and can extend to cover the home's porch as well. This roof type extends past the home's walls, so to create a porch roof simply continue the roof and its slant. This type of roof only needs small support posts at its edges, because the roof is largely self-supported

Shed Style Porch Roof involves a single sloping roof surface that attaches to the house wall on the high end and to support posts on the low end. This roof type works best with long, narrow porches, because if the porch is too deep the house's roof line will look unusually high. It doesn’t usually make sense to include a shed style roof over a deep porch because the roof line at the house will be too high and it will look out of place.

gable style porch, metal shed roof porch, porch with columns

copper shed roof porch, stone stoop porch, traditional front porch with widow's walk

Porch Options

Once you know the type of porch roof you want for your home, you can dress it up with your choice of the following options:

Roof Material & Color - for a gable roof porch, choose from 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles, each in several color options. For a metal shed roof, select either cooper or metal which can be painted in any color you choose.

Decorative Posts & Columns can be simple or elaborate, small or large. It all depends on the look you want and what the size of your porch can both visually and structurally accommodate. For some porches, posts or columns are needed for support, and for others they can added for ornamentation.

Arches help add depth and decorative styling to your porch.

Dormer Window - a vertical window projecting from the slope of a roof; usually provided with its own roof.

Pedestals - the base or support of the porch posts or columns that add a decorative look to your home. Can be constructed from several materials including, brick, stone, siding or stucco.

Ornamental Brackets - Projecting support members found under eaves or other overhangs; may be plain or decorated.

Exposed Rafters - The sloping members of a roof upon which a roof covering is placed. Rafters are given specific names largely according to their location and use.

Handrails & Railings - can be used with or without stairs and come in several design options.

Stone Accents can be used for a front porch stoop, landing, column pediments or stairs.

Replacement Front Entry Door - Sometimes a new front entry porch makes the existing front door of a home seem out of place with the new design. Whether it's changing from a single door to a double door or replacing the door style, we have many options that will suit the style and design of your new front porch.

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